D.L. Polonsky’s Blog: July 13, 2008

July 13, 2008

Woke up. Didn’t get enough sleep. Feel shitty. No picture in the Herald. Gave DVD of my movie to a guy who works at “In Your Ear”. Hung around there. Went home. Ate bagels and cream cheese. Started taking my art off the walls and putting it in a suitcase for and art show I’m having at cctv. Couldn’t get the stepladder folded back up so it’s just standing in the middle of my tiny, already cluttered apartment. Watched “Raintree Country”, a really old movie that has Montgomery Clift before and after his face was mutilated in a car accident. It’s a Korean bootleg, and the subtitles are hilariously far off. Somebody says something like, “I like to rassle in my spare time.” and the caption said “I’m an asshole in my spare time.” Started to draw but felt too crappy. Istead of going to sleep, I went on this stupid computer. Now, I’m typing this.
Diaryman is a myriad.
Check out my art exhibit “Pigments of My Imagination” at CCTV, 675 Mass. Ave., Central Square, Cambridge, starting tomorrow, 7-18, and going for the next 6 weeks. You can see it from the sidewalk! Some of them are for sale.


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