D.L. Polonsky’s Blog: July 1st, 2008

Alright, alright. Here.

July 1st, 2008

Woke up. Looked in the Herald to see if I had a picture in it. No. Ate at T. Anthony’s. Greek salad with chicken salad on it. I asked them if they had potato salad. They said no. I said if you don’t have have it, you should erase it from the daily menu board. They said, “Thanks for the lesson”. Went to In Your Ear. Talked to a guy who works there. He said my sex jokes were boring and predictable. I said “PreDICKtable.” Went home. Something happened that I can’t write about here. I shouldn’t have even said I can’t write about it. My email suddenly didn’t work so I had to spend an hour downloading Firefox. Then I sent a mass email about my new movie on YouTube. Then I shut the computer down. Then I talked to one of the actors on the phone. He said I misspelled his name in the credits. Then I started up the computer again. The Firefox stuff was gone! Then I found it. Then I emailed more people with my movie link. Then I went to City Convenience to buy bagels and milk and cereal and something happened I can’t talk about. Then I went to an ATM to see if my SSDI check got direct-deposited. No. Then I saw someone I know on the street. He was talking on his cell phone. I said hi and waved. He shifted his facial muscles slightly in what now passes for an expression of acknowledgment with cell phone users. I went home. I urinated. I went online and wrote this.

Oh, yeah, I urinated when I woke up, too.


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