D.L. Polonsky’s Blog: June 27th, 2008

June 27th, 2008

Woke up. Lay in bed for 45 minutes. Went to Shaw’s. Looked in . . . a certain tabloid to see if I had a drawing in it. Had a really crappy drawing by . . . another artist of Obama that looked like stretched out bubble gum. Saw . . . a friend of mine but he always gets me involved in really boring small talk so I pretended I didn’t see him. Ate at Quan’s Kitchen. It was hot and humid in there and the lunch specials went up a dollar. Started to go to In Your Ear, but it was right before the storm was starting and I didn’t have an umbrella so I decided to go home. Went home. Emailed a movie still to one of the actors in my movie. Ate a Granny Smith apple, but they suck at room temperature. Booked time to make copies of my movie. They kept me on hold for six minutes and I was about to hang up when they answered. Wasted time on Gay.com and Lemmingtrail.


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