D.L. Polonsky’s Blog: March 26th & June 25th, 2009

March 26th, 2009

Jeff on Lemmingtrail said I should really start a blog.

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Woke up, urinated, went to Shaw’s to see if I had a picture in the Herald. No. Ate orange chicken for breakfast. Worried about getting cancer because I took it out of the microwave immediately and ate it thirty seconds later. Put up flyers about my film festival. Urinated. Tried to find a Dig to see if they listed my film thing, but all the bins were empty. Changed a lightbulb in my kitchen. Worried about getting electricuted because I couldn’t tell if the switch was on or off. Worried about the film thing. Urinated. Got stuff ready for the film thing. Had a phone call I can’t talk about. Ate a sesame bagel. Too lazy to cut it so i just smeared cream cheese on the top. The cream cheese came up on the knife with sesame seeds stuck in it. Got a ride to my film festival. Had the film festival. 35 people! Went great! Had to leave to urinate, but I waited til the part in the film that was playing that I least cared about seeing an audiance’s reaction to. After the festival I talked to a lot of people. Went out to eat with my brother and his girlfriend. Got watery lasanga. He drove me home. Called people. Urinated. Watched a “Married With Children” episode on DVD. Went to bed.


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