Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Woke up. The right corner of my contour sheet came off so my hand and forearm were touching foam rubber, which was slightly unpleasant. I tried putting it back on while lying down but it kept coming up so I got up and put it on. The struggle kind of woke me up so I didn’t go back to bed. Urinated. Ate breakfast at T. Anthony’s. I said, “Ham and Onion omelet”, but he thought I said “I’ll HAVE an onion omelet, so that’s what he gave me. He offered to make me another omelet but the first one took so long that I said forget it. On the train, coming to the pubic access station from which I’m typing this, really hot air was blowing out from under the seat and scalding my calves. I had to put my legs out closer to the middle of the aisle. One woman with some kind of discoloration on the side of her face said, “You know, you COULD move your legs in.” When I got off the train I went to Dunkin’ Donuts and, again, asked them why they have places to sit but no plates. He said I’ll have to asked the manager. Got a sesame bagel instead, because the manager was out. They gave me regular cream cheese instead of chive for the second time. Something happened I can’t talk about. Went to the cable station. Went on this computer. It keeps telling me the time and weather every few minutes when I click on anything. It happened twice while I was typing this blog. Typed this blog.


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