Friday, May 21st, 2010

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Woke up. Lay in bed. Both defecated and urinated in the same trip. Went back to bed. Got up. Flushed my toilet again and arranged my stuff for my appearance on Andy Macbains rock show “Golden Sounds” tonight, where I’m reading earlier entries of this blog. Went to Shaw’s to see if I had a picture in the Herald. No. Ate at Angora. They didn’t put any Greek dressing on my Greek rollup. Asked for dressing. It took six minutes. Ate on the couch. I kind of sunk down in it and trying to eat with my food on the table was awkward and, after several minutes, made me nauseous. Put flyers up in newspaper and magazine bins in Coolidge Corner. Got on the T. Some middle-aged guy on the train in a Red Sox shirt was bragging that he had “too much self-respect” to “take shit from anyone” and would “take them down” if they gave him shit and kept repeating it in almost exactly the same words to some mostly African-American teenagers across the aisle who seemed to waver between laughing at him and ignoring him. Got off the train. Walked to BATV. Went into BATV. Andy wasn’t there yet. Checked my email. Urinated. Asked for a steak sandwich a the ice cream truck just outside, but, as I predicted, they were out, so I got a hot dog, which, if they didn’t have sour kraut – and they didn’t -, I wouldn’t want it. Went back in BATV. Ate. Wasted time on Lemmingtrail. Urinated. Tried to eat barbecue corn chips from the fridge while I was websurfing but started to worry the barbecue powder from the chips would gum up the keyboard, so I just sat there and ate. It was boring so I ate fast. Finally people came in to set up for the rock show. Socialized with them and helped set up. Looked around to see if there was someone older than me. There was one woman who looked like she might be older, but of course I didn’t ask here. Put on my suit for the show. Didn’t feel like helping carry chair, cables etc. anymore so I talked to people and urinated. The show started kind of late. Took pictures of the first band, who were reasonably attractive and had their shirts off and one was wearing a blindfold. Another gay man was taking pictures of them too. Went on the show. The guy interviewing me forgot my questions, as I predicted he would, so I gave him a photocopy. Went extremely well. Apparently, I was very funny reading this blog in a kind of monotone. Wavered between watching the rest of the show and going in another room and websurfing. The show ended. Urinated. Helped break down the set. Carrying a heavy desk made me nauseous. Gave DVDs of my movie to a Spanish woman I hardly knew. Did nothing. Ate the rest of the corn chips and tried to talk to people who were making sex jokes in the kitchen, but they wouldn’t listen. Got a ride home. Made phone calls I can’t talk about. Tried to get the pump working on a bottle of liquid soap, but it was stuck in the “Down” position. Got a ladder out to change a lightbulb, but changed my mind. Ate. I can’t remember what. Urinated. Made more phone calls I can’t talk about. Put some stuff away. Something happened I cant talk about. Brushed my teeth. Opened a bag of socks. Went to bed.


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