Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Woke up. It was kind of warm and humid. It kept bothering me not knowing for sure if I accidentally put my air conditioner on “fan”. Two minutes later I got up. It was on “low cool”. The filter must be filled with dust. I was too lazy to wash it. Went back to bed and lay there awake. I forgot how long. Got up. Urinated. Called eleven people and got nothing but voice mail. Went to Shaw’s to see if I had a picture in the paper. No. This is the first time the CoinStar wasn’t working when I didn’t have a jar of coins. Went to inbound Pizza. They overcharged me by two dollars. He looked slightly embarrassed. I said I wondered how many times this happened when I wasn’t paying attention. He told me in an accusatory tone to always watch the transaction and then he didn’t seem embarrassed. Defecated at Qdoba but, even though it’s cleaner than most public men’s rooms, didn’t sit all the way down. Took the T to Newbury Street to put up flyers on my way to BATV. Some teenager at that ramp area said, “It’s Obama Superman Guy” refering to a picture I put up everywhere parodying some people’s perception of Obama as a heroic figure. I put up another picture so he’d realize I do other pictures. As I put it up, sweat ran into my right eye. His girlfriend asked with an unpleasant expression why I put them up. I said, “Why should artists be at the mercy of art directors and art curators who are, for the most part, not particularly bright and almost always have stupid ideas about what’s worthy of putting in their papers or magazines or galleries? Just put it out on the street!” While I was speaking the sweat was stinging my eyes and it looked like I was winking at her. I wonder if she thought I was winking at her. I’m still a little embarrassed. Urinated. Put up more fliers. Ate a hot dog and cheese fries at Spike’s. Went to BATV to work on two shows. They were still in the staff meeting so I checked my email. Something happened I can’t talk about. Checked to see if they were still in the staff meeting. Yes. Went back on the computer and wrote this blog.


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