Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Woke up. Noticed that my fan wasn’t pointed at me . Pointed the fan at my bed. Lay down again for ten minutes. Got up again. Urinated. Brushed my teeth, something I never mentioned in this blog before. Went to Angora and got a Greek roll-up. Took them 16 minutes. Too much shredded carrot, and no Greek dressing, so it was really dry. Put a flyer for my Coolidge film festival in the window when they weren’t looking. Sat there doing nothing for 15 minutes. Went to Urban Renewal to buy a beret for a shoot I was doing later. They put my backpack behind the counter as usual, but this time on the floor, lying flat, almost six inches from the wall. There were breakable things in it. Hung around for 4 minutes to get an idea if the cashiers, in their comings and goings, were likely to step on it. I decided they weren’t. Someone said, “Can I help you?” Ignored them and walked further into the store. Bought a beret for the shoot. Waited in line, paid and got my backpack. Checked to see if anything was damaged. No. Went back home, putting up art flyers and Coolidge flyers on the way. Watched a movie, don’t remember what. Shaved. The water kept getting too hot. My friends Andy and Lawrence showed up to a film me acting out this blog, which we think will be funny or interesting or something. We already shot the indoor shots. This time they filmed me walking down streets, putting up flyers, eating at McDonald’s (I usually eat at better places, but it was the 4th of July and it was the only place nearby that was open and we didn’t feel like walking far with the film equipment). They filmed me eating a chicken sandwich and walking around the street some more. We walked a few blocks to a store and they filmed me buying Clamato and hand soap. We had a conversation about the shoot but I don’t remember it very well. They left. Went home. Urinated. Drank Clamato. Watched “Judgment at Nuremberg”, a movie made in the early sixties about the trails after the Nazi atrocities. William Shatner was in it. Changed my shirt. Had phone call I can’t talk about. Heard fireworks out the window but didn’t bother going to the window cuz I knew they be covered by buildings. Urinated. Watched another movie, can’t remember what. The smoke alarm down the hall was beeping. Waited at the doorway, with some of my valuables, to see if there was a fire. After two minutes the beeping stopped. Went to bed. The beeping started again, but, since there was no danger the last time, didn’t bother to get up. Got up twenty minutes later, anyway, to urinate. Brushed my teeth. Wrote this blog. Changed my paper towel roll. Something happened I can’t talk about. Went back to bed.


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