Monday, November 29th, 2010

  • Woke up. Urinated. Still have a sore throat. Hacked up phlegm. Called 4 people and got nothing but voice mail. Went out to get breakfast at the Super 88. A few days ago, I noticed the door to the Super 88 was so heavy and hard to open that people, especially old people, assumed it was closed and walked away. So I went in and told somebody who worked there that people thought the place was closed because the door was so heavy. So the next day I noticed that instead of fixing it they had a sign on it that said “Open” all the time, even when it’s closed. It was even there at 4 A.M. I went there at 10 a.m. today and the sign was there but it was open. I went in and they said it was only open for the staff to come in and they weren’t really open til 11 A.M. and I had to leave. I said, “You should take down the sign that said ‘Open’.” Sarcastically, he said, “Thanks for the lesson”. Went home and hacked up phlegm. Opened a jar of steak sauce. Went to BATV. Had to wait 35 minutes at the station for the second train. Walked into BATV. Answered my email. Went on Lemmingtrail. Defecated. Checked my email. Ate a Clif bar I brought with me. Went back on Lemmingtrail. Wrote this blog.

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