Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Woke up. Spotted the plastic wrapping that they put on the cap of Gold Peak Iced Tea on my floor near my easel. Kept bothering me cause from that angle I couldn’t see that it was a hollow object and I thought I’d trip over it. After four minutes, I got up and threw it out. Ate Blueberry Morning cereal. Called nine people and just got voice-mail messages. Went to Shaw’s to see if I had a drawing in the Herald. No. Something happened that I can’t talk about. Took the train to BATV. A woman was talking loudly on her Iphone about six inches from me. She was talking about the Iphone to the person on the phone. It was really annoying. Got to BATV. Checked my email. Looked at a video someone sent me a link to of Sarah Silverman singing an annoying song on Community Auditions at age 14. Photoshopped a new background on one of my Obama pictures and sent it to the Herald. Urinated. In the hallway, a young African-American man in a magenta-and-grey shirt said “Hey, it’s the D-Man!” and pressed his knuckles against mine. Went back online. Went on Lemmingtrail. Posted my Photoshopped Obama and a few other things. Debated in my mind whether it was a waste of time to write another blog entry. Decided it was if I spent more than five minutes on it. So far I’ve spent eighteen minutes on it. The cold in the room is causing my nose to run.


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  1. D.L., keep the blog going – the monotony/honesty is noteworthy and entertaining! “Only 5 people showed for the film festival. Angry.” “A really, really fat woman, looked really, really angry.” etc.

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