Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Woke up at 3 a.m. today so I decided to start writing this blog earlier. Urinated. Watched episodes of “Monk” on DVD until the restaurants open. Went to a nearby sub shop for breakfast. I just opened up my new Macbook and am now typing this blog. It’s 40 minutes after I wrote the last sentence. There was a guy in here whose voice is so jarring and annoying I couldn’t concentrate on writing this blog. He kept saying “happy camper” and “in terms of”. His voice sounded like a cross between Rod Serling and Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”, slowed down about one third. He was wearing earth-toned hiking gear and a doctor’s nametag and lecturing some old man he came in with about the need to “constantly hydrate in the summer”. The old man kept picking at a piece of flaking skin on his wrist and acting like the other guy was normal. The counter guy brought my food over like I asked him to but without the fork. Told him that if he didn’t bring the fork he shouldn’t have bothered because I have to get up anyway. Glared at me and then faintly shuddered like he couldn’t figure out if I was an asshole or not. Put my artwork up on a bulletin board on Harvard Ave, one of the few places I can put them up anymore. Some guy saw me and said he was a fan of my work. He told me I should have a blog on the internet. I told him I did. He ignored that and suggested it again. Then he told he thought it might reach 100 degrees today and then said in a tone of confident finality I really should have a blog as he was walking away. Took the train to BATV. There was a really hot guy sitting across from me but his legs were really hairy. There was a college girl with her backpack strap between her breasts, making her shirt skintight around her breasts and the hot guy was staring at her even though she had rolls of fat around her stomach. Walked into BATV. Something happened I can’t talk about. Defecated. Turned on my computer, checked my email and wrote more on this blog entry. Someone in another edit room is playing music loudly on one of the computers and singing along with it. Ate a Clif bar I brought with me. It looked like a piece of old dog shit with bits of stuff in it.


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