Monday, June 13th, 2011

Woke up. Realized I left a box of cereal open all night. Looked to see if there were bugs in it. No, but knew I’d worry anyway so I decided throw it out. Defecated. Couldn’t find a twist-tie for the cereal so I decided to throw it out when I went out to get breakfast. Stopped in front of Planned Parenthood and walked toward the inset doorway to straighten out my sock, which was uncomfortably bunched up. When I walked toward the doorway, someone protesting there yelled at me, “There’s another way! Jesus has a plan for you!” I’ve seen them yell at people going in there even though they couldn’t be sure what they we’re doing there (they do other things at PP) , but they we’re all women or couples. She was wearing this outfit that looked like a kindergarten decorated for Christmas, holding a big crucifix with a plaster Jesus on it and standing in front of a stroller with plastic baby parts in it. Thought about responding to her but decided to take her picture instead. Threw out the cereal. Something happened I can’t talk about. Went to a restaurant and got breakfast. They gave me a chef salad with almost no meat. Took the train to BATV. Stopped at Newbury Comix to see if they had the earlier seasons of “Monk” and “I Love You, Phillip Morris”. “Morris” was too expensive, got “Monk” even though it was one of the crappy later seasons. Went on another train. Nowhere to sit except the back stairs, and humid. Went into BATV. Edited more of my new film. Agonizing. Constant technical problems like dropped frames, sound disappearing from playback. After 7 hours I got 21 seconds done. Because the station was closing, I could only back it up on DVD, which isn’t high definition. Worried about that on the train ride home and for the first two hours back in my apartmewnt. Finished a drawing. Urinated. Called two people but got voicemail and didn’t bother to leave messages because they almost never call back. Sat on my couch. Went to bed.


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