Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Went to Staples to get some artwork scanned. There was a woman I never saw before working the Copy Center.

ME: I need to get this scanned, but I need the DPI raised. Is Bill (not his real name) coming in today?

WOMAN BEHIND COUNTER: No, he has the day off.

ME: Forget it, then. (Starts to walk away)

WOMAN BEHIND COUNTER: (In snarky voice, looking down at the cash register) Do you have a gender preference?

ME: (Turns around, pauses, grimaces) What?!

Woman just looks at me with faint, self-satisfied smile.

ME: Do you know how to change the DPI?


ME: Do you know how to change the DPI on the scan?

WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: (Looks at me for a couple seconds, then looks away and chuckles faintly) No.

ME: That’s why I asked when Bill is coming in. Most people tell me they don’t know how to change it.

WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: ALICE (not her real name) is coming in at one. She’s REALLY good at that stuff.

ME: I can’t come back a-

WOMAN BEHIND COUNTER: (Interrupting, impatient) I don’t care . . . whatever.



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3 responses to “Saturday, October 29th, 2011

  1. Collin Allcars

    I can relate… I worked at one of the copy shops in Allston a few years ago and whenever you came in, you were a real condescending prick. Im sure in your head you were rational and collected, but to myself, and the rest of the employees, you were a real pain in the ass. Any case, it does feel pretty great to rip down your stupid art ( which is everywhere, covering up other peoples flyers, and falls somewhere quality wise between furniture for sale flyers and spray painted pictures of dicks) Everyone who works dealing with the public has to put up with tons of shit heads everyday. FUCK YOU.

  2. D.L. Polonsky

    Dear Collin:

    I love you.

  3. D.L. Polonsky.

    I’m sure I’ve been a condescending prick in the past, but not to her. I don’t take comments seriously when the author doesn’t have the balls to sign his real name.

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