Thursday, Jaunuary 12th, 2012

Woke up at 4:47 a.m. Saw a mouse near the radiator in my living room. Since I couldn’t stomp on the floor from the bed (I had it raised so I could store more stuff under it), I pounded on the wall. It ran off. Then, I realized I might have woken up my neighbors. Defecated and urinated. Ate a few spoonfuls of red bliss potato salad. Went back to sleep for 3 hours. Woke up. Put my Macbook computer, mouse, powerchord and mousepad in my backpack. When to a nearby restaurant. Uploaded a scan of my new Newt Gingrich drawing to my Flickr art site. Checked my email. A newspaper I won’t name said they’re not going to use my political cartoons any more. Though I’ve been corresponding with her for 7 years, she called me “D.J.”. Wasted time on Facebook. Ate a stack of blueberry pancakes. All the blueberries were in the middle of each pancake. Unplugged my Macbook and put it away just to urinate so it wouldn’t get stolen. Urinated. Something happened I can’t talk about. Went to Harvard Ave. and put artwork up on bulletin boards. They were still up except someone lifted up one corner of each drawing, so I pressed them down. Went shopping at Staples. At the checkout counter, the guy said, “Did you find everything you were looking for?” I said no but he was talking to another employee and didn’t hear me and absently muttered “Good”.. Went back home. Called about 11 people and got voicemail with 10 of them. Had a phone conversation I can’t talk about. Lay in bed doing nothing for 45 minutes cause my medication makes me tired. Tried to throw things out in my apartment but mostly ended up just moving things around. Brought half a bag of garbage down to the basement. Went back to the restaurant and back on the internet. Got a cheeseburger. The whole thing fell apart when I picked it up. Without thinking, I started the futile activity of complaining about how bad my life is on a messageboard but the computer froze and I lost it before I could type it and didn’t feel like retyping it. Something happened I can’t talk about. Something else happened I can’t talk about. Went back home. Watched “Kaboom” by Greg Araki and part of an episode of “Modern Family” on DVD. Brushed my teeth. Noticed some gross grey thing on the toothbrush so I cleaned the toothbrush and brushed them again. Had a phone call I can’t talk about. Then I called 6 other people and got their voivemail. Started to write an outline for an animated movie I’m planning on doing. Read a few pages of “Johnny Got His Gun” by Dalton Trumbo. Ate an orange-cranberry scone. Was too tired to get a plate so I put it on a square of paper towel. Urinated. Went to bed.


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