Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Woke up. Realized I left a DVD on all night and it’s been on the menu for about seven hours. Worried that it would somehow hurt the tv (which i bought recently) because someone once told me that it hurts a computer to have the same image on it for several hours and that’s one of the reason the screensaver goes on. Called someone I won’t name to ask him if that was true. Got his voicemail, didn’t bother to leave a message. Urinated. Went to a wifi restaurant to get breakfast and check my email. The Weekly Dig didn’t respond to a drawing I sent them, which was drawn exactly in their style. Ordered blueberry pancakes. They gave it to me without a tray, just a plate with the pancakes hanging off the edge. I asked for a tray and they just stared at me, forcing me to repeat in an embarrassing, stuttering, awkward moment. Then they sort of huffed, rolled their eyes and shook their head. Finally I pointed to the pancakes hanging over the edge and said, “Do you want me to get maple syrup all over the table?!” Then he slowwwwwwly got me a tray. Then he looked at a football game on the big tv and muttered something in Spanish. Then he rung me up. I handed him the money just as slowwwwwwly. He sort of huffed and rolled his yes, not getting the connection to the the slow speed in which he got the tray. Ate breakfast. Something happened that was too boring to talk about. Went home, work on cell-animation drawing in intricate cross-hatching on a light box for several hours. The White-Out brush drove me crazy, putting down big blobs of Wite-Out that I had to smear with my thumb or else they’d take an hour to dry, forcing me to redraw intricate cross-hatching far outside the part I was correcting. Went out again, and put up flyers on bulletin board and in the entrances to restaurants. Looked at the illustration on the cover of a local paper I’ve been sending work to for years. Something I could have drawn in 2 minutes, if I wanted to draw something bad. Went back to the same restaurant for dinner. Someone in the next booth was loudly talking on their cell phone, about 3/4 of the way to screaming. I put my finger in my ear. He glared at me on and off as they he kept talking. Something happened that was too personal to talk about. Took the train to Newbury St. and hung around Newbury Comics. It smells weird in there, and the employees kept getting in the way as they stocked the shelves. Bought “The Great White Hype” on DVD and a 70s compilation music CD. Went home. Worked on the animation drawings some more. Felt depressed and lay in bed doing nothing for forty minutes. Called people. Got mostly voice mail. Had two phone calls I can’t talk about. Tried to clean up my apartment a little. Realized I already had the 70s music CD. Realized I forgot to get my mail and that if I woke up to late the mailman would try to stuff both days’ mail in their and it wouldn’t fit and he might leave it on the side of the stairs and it might get stolen. Went down and got them mail. Went back up and opened the mail. Just crap from Xfinity. Read part of a book. Did nothing for half an hour. Went to sleep.


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