Friday, June 8th, 2012

“The Quiet Guy”

Woke up. Urinated and defecated. Went out.

There’s a guy near my apartment who panhandles for money who’s voice is so quiet and muffled and ineffective nobody walking by hears him. Of course since he’s just standing there talking to strangers and he sort of has one hand extended a little, they can guess what he saying if they we’re paying attention to what’s around them, but since most of them are, of course, on their Smartphones, no one pays attention to him. He’s almost completely ignored. I walked up to him and said, “What did you say?”, pretending I didn’t know what he said so he’d realize how little people heard him. He looked stunned for a second and the same muffled, almost inaudible voice, “Do you have any change?” I gave him 2 bucks and said, “You know, no one can hear you. You have to speak up.” After I spoke the first 3 words of that, he turned away to the other people walking by and said in the same quiet, muffled, barely audible voice, “Do you have any change?”

The day manager of a Angora Restaurant emailed me and said they saw my flyer and want artwork for their restaurant. I spent 3 hours looking through my artwork and even framed one of them . I got an email about 12 hours after the first one saying that the owner said they want photographs instead of artwork and I don’t have enough photos to cover their walls. I told them they should have made sure they wanted artwork before I spent 3 hours looking through them and framed on of them. No response. Boycott Angora! I’m not bitter, just Angoraphobic.

Took the train to Newbury Street. Hung around Newbury Comics. Went home, getting a cold Italian sub one the way home.

Went home. Urinated. Watched part of an episode of “Arrested Development” on DVD that I, earlier, had on when I was taking a shower, and could only hear. Ate the Italian sub. The bread was soaked with oil and juice from the tomatoes, so half of it was all mushy. Ate it fast so I’d finish it before I could gag or throw up. Called four people and got voice-mail. Didn’t leave messages because of a combination of being angry about getting voicemail and the fact that they almost never call back. Went to bed.


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