Saturday, June 30th, 2012

I was taking the train to Newbury Comix. I was halfway there when I noticed, at an above-ground stop, that someone who was getting off the train left their glasses on the seat. I grabbed their glasses and looked for them, but by then they were out the door and about 10 yards down the street. I went to the side door of the train and yelled, “Hey, you forgot your glasses!” He turned, touched his face, said “Oh, shit!” and started to walk back to me. I knew the train was about close it’s door and start up again and I didn’t want to have to wait for another train, so I didn’t want to go far from the doorway. There was nothing just outside the doorway to set the glasses down on except the ground, so I ran out and put them on the ground about 2 feet from the train tracks, yelling “I’ll put them here! I gotta get back on the train!” I turned and ran back in the train. As the doors were closing I heard the guy yelling, “Hey don’t put them on the ground! What the fuck is wrong with you?!”


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