Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Woke up in the middle of the night. Noticed that the end of my quilt that’s usually at my feet was up at my neck (I wrote “feet” on the end so this wouldn’t happen). Smelled the quilt and, yes, it smelled like feet. Tried to turn the quilt 180 degrees while lying down but most of ended up hanging over the edge. Tried to go back to sleep with it like that, but the pulling of the part of the quilt hanging over the edge was unpleasant and uncomfortable so I got up and put the quilt on properly. The effort kind of woke me up. Urinated and defacated. Tried to watch a new DVD I bought yesterday called “Disinformation” but I couldn’t open the wrapper without scissors and I was too lazy, and didn’t care enough, to get the scissors so I just sat there and looked around the room for a while. Ate breakfast at home. Since my kitchen is rather cluttered, I couldn’t find a place to set the empty bowl down when I was getting the cereal so I put it on top of the overflowing heap of garbage in my wastebasket. Ate the cereal. I have the internet at home now again. I went online. This site said if the Mayan calendar was right, the world will end at 6:11 A.M. tomorrow. Since a childish, irrational part of my brain thinks it might be true, I set my alarm for 6 a.m. so I wouldn’t die without knowing it and suddenly be dead, or if it didn’t happen, worry that I was dead and think the rest of my life was a dream. Watched Disinformation and an episode of Arrested Development on DVD. Then I tried to clean my bathroom. Then my alarm clock went off. Since I’d got up in the middle of the night, I forgot that it would go off at 6 a.m. today and not 6 a.m. tomorrow. Set it for tomorrow. Since I was near my bed and felt lazy and depressed i sort of fell back into bed. Woke up four hours later. Realized I left the cereal bowl on the couch with the cereal and milk encrusted on it. Urinated. Washed out the bowl. Was depressed so I called 9 people, but only got voicemail, and, since I was depressed, I didn’t bother to leave messages. Left my apartment because I was sick of being in it. Wandered around the neighborhood. Went to a nearby restaurant which I won’t name. Wasn’t very hungry so I just sat there. The only one eating there was one of the staff and usually when I order something they tell me it’s taking so long because they’re so busy, so I wanted to see what would happen. Ordered a bagel. It took a long time so I asked them why. They said they have a lot of take-out orders. Went to Goodwill. Got a shirt and a DVD of “Superbad”. Then I hung around reading the few books that held my attention. Then I got in line to pay for the book and the DVD. Then I opened the DVD to see if it was scratched and there was nothing in it. Knew that Goodwill didn’t keep the DVDs behind the counter and it was stolen. I was too lazy to go back to the DVD section, so when no one was looking I left it in a wicker basket on a miniature Christmas sleigh on the checkout counter. Bought the shirt. Walked around the neighborhood. Had a cell phone call that was too personal to talk about. Had another call that was too personal to talk about. Put my artwork on the bulletin board in front of the UPS store. Someone put a cigarette burn hole in some of the pictures I already had up, but you could still see most of the picture and it looked kind of cool so I left them up. Went home and urinated. Went only online and posted my art in the Inboxes of Community Pages on Facebook. Deleted pictures from my camera. Ate a sub I bought the night before. The oil saturated the bread and made it soggy. Tried to eat it quickly so I wouldn’t gag. Was sick of the apartment. Walked aimlessly around the neighborhood. Bought a scarf at T.J. Max. The aisles are too close together and the guy who wrung it up looked like he had a skin disease. Was worried about wearing it on the way home so I decided I’d wait until i washed it. Watched part of an episode of “Monk”. I’d already seen it so I didn’t care about the plot. Washed the scarf in the kitchen sink. Ate some Dill & Olive Oil Triscuits. Felt depressed and just sat there staring at the far wall for about 20 minutes. Went online again. Posted some more artwork. Urinated. Ate an “everything” bagel. Watched a couple episodes of “Arrested Development” and part of “Disinformation” again. Wrote this blog.


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