Tuesday, January 8th, 2013


Woke up. Urinated. My comb fell on the floor right near the toilet. Momentarily considered washing it but then realized that using it after that would still bother me, and realized how cheap the comb is, so I threw it in the trash. Washed my hands. Went to a nearby restaurant and got blueberry pancakes for breakfast. The metal filling of one of my molars fell off. Picked it out of my mouth, wrapped it a napkin and saved it. Finished my breakfast, worrying that it would get infected if I didn’t go to the dentist. Went home and called the dentist but just got their machine saying their office wasn’t open yet even though it was supposed to have opened 14 minutes ago. Watched part of “Girl, Interrupted” on DVD, repeatedly going over the hole in my tooth with my tongue. Tried calling the dentist again. This time I got the secretary. As I explained what happened with my tooth, my tongue kept scraping painfully against the sharp edges of my molar. I was in the process of having someone interview me for a bio about me and I was worried that it would make me slur my words, or that the pain would be visible on my face. Made an appointment for eight days from now. Worked on a drawing. The pencils were too soft and the points repeatedly breaking took my mind off my tooth for awhile. Urinated. Went back to the drawing. I don’t have a scanner and I finished it too late to go to Staples to get it scanned. Went down to get the mail. There was none. Didn’t feel like going up the four flights on the stairs in the lobby and went over the hole in my tooth with my tongue. Though about getting an emory board to file it down. Thought I probably had one in my apartment but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to climb the four flights only to find out I didn’t have an emory board so I decided to go to Shaw’s to buy one even if I already had one. Went to Shaw’s to buy one. Didn’t know if the rough or medium surface was best so I bought both. Went back to the lobby. Tried to open it so I could use it in the lobby but I couldn’t open the package without a scissors. Went up the four flights to my apartment. Sure enough, I found an emory board right near the scissors. Defecated. Filed down the sharp points in my tooth the best I could. Couldn’t tell if it helped or if I was just imagining that it helped. Had a phone conversation that was too boring to talk about, not that what I’ve been talking about is that exciting, and talking made my tongue sore. Felt depressed and anxious and lay in bed for 25 minutes. Got up and posted my artwork on Facebook community pages. Urinated. Ate a bowl of Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal, chewing carefully in an effort to avoid breaking off more of my fillings. Watched part of the movie “Superbad” on DVD. Tried to file down my tooth more. I think it helped a little but it annoyed me that I couldn’t remember how bad it was before so I couldn’t be sure that it helped. Checked my email. Mostly spam and links to images my computer couldn’t open. Changed my socks. Right now I’m writing this blog while intermittently running my tongue over the tooth.


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