Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Woke up. My pillowcase hadn’t been washed for a few days and made the side of my head itch. Turned it over. That side made the side of my head itch too. Got up. Defecated. Brushed my teeth. Urinated. Worried that the toothbrush had been laying on the dirty sink so I washed the toothbrush and brushed my teeth again. So much toothpaste on the toothpaste tube that I couldn’t tighten it. It just kept turning.

Worked on a drawing. It had glued-on pieces. When I looked at it in side-lighting, I noticed that the stuff I’d glued on with a gluestick was starting to come up. Glued it on with Elmer’s glue. The glue spread to other parts of the drawing, dissolving the colored pencil. Wiped it up with a few Q-Tips. Absent-mindedly put the Q-Tips back in the box. Got a lemon-cranberry scone for breakfast. As I was eating it, I realized I put the Q-Tips back in the box. Not being able to really tell which Q-Tips had glue on them, I threw out the entire box.

Felt depressed and went back to bed. Got up 40 minutes later and went to T. J. Maxx. Something is happening in my life I can’t talk about. Wandered around the Harvard Ave./Comm. Ave. intersection. Talked to someone in a wheelchair I think is either homeless or just poor. He said he loved my artwork. Offered him some photocopies of it but he wouldn’t take them because he had nowhere to put them. I found a rubber band and rolled them up and, while he was talking to somebody else, put them between his leg and the armrest of the wheelchair. He kept talking and talking so I got tired of standing there and left without finding out if he wanted the copies there.

Went home to check my email to see if any of the 20 places I sent my artwork to in the last few days was interested in using my work. Nothing. Sat in a chair and ate a bowl of Wheat Chex. Urinated. Worked on the drawing. Felt unmotivated since no print publications are using my work and the only places I can show it is on Facebook and outdoor bulletin boards. An automatic telemarketing service called and I was suddenly listening to a recorded message about how I qualify for home loans. Hung up. Phone rang again 15 seconds later. This time no voice, just a very faint clicking. I said, “I know where you live.” and hung up. Watched part of “The Social Network” with DVD commentary, ate some Wheat Thins, urinated and went to bed.


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