Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Woke up. Urinated. Went out to a nearby restaurant for breakfast. Ordered their “Big Stack” of pancakes, which is supposed to be four pancakes. Instead of four pancakes, though, they gave me three and a tiny sliver of a fourth one. It kind of looked like a very thin crescent moon. I was already sitting down so I didn’t feel like getting up to complain. The handle of the maple syrup container was sticky. Put a napkin between my hand and the handle. The napkin tuck to the handle. Put photocopies of my artwork on bulletin boards. Went back home. Made some phone calls I can’t talk about. Felt depressed about my life so I went to bed at noon. Lay there for two hours. Don’t remember if I fell asleep. Got up, felt bored. Reorganized my bathroom shelf, hence the title of this entry. Did research for a book I’m writing, the plot of which I don’t feel like explaining here. Wondered if the facts I was looking up on Wikapedia were accurate. Finally found some books that seemed like they’d be more accurate. Made a cold cut sandwich. The squeeze bottle of mustard was nearly empty and none came out even when I squeezed it all the way in so I had to open it, get a knife and scrape it out. The only soda I had had aspartame in it and I’ve heard very bad things about aspartame so I didn’t drink it. Had tap water instead. Had a phone call that was both too boring and too personal to talk about. Watched “Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd” on DVD. The image kept freezing because when I first got the DVD player I put the flatscreen on top of it to save space and, obviously, the screen pressed down on the DVD player and damaged it. Felt depressed so I went to bed early.


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