Press information on D.L.:

D.L. Polonsky is available for interviews for use in all manner of media. In print, feature or preview pieces regarding his projects or events are preferred. These can be in either newspapers, magazines, blogs or college journalism works.

He can be reached for comment at

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Quotes from press and praise:

“DANIEL! So great to hear from you!!!! We still talk of you often, and I have all those films.
I talk about “A Clickwork Orange” all the time, and I remember your film “Face Lifts” very vividly.”
– Eli Roth, acclaimed director of “Cabin Fever,” the “Hostel” series, star of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards.”

“The kind of films that could revolutionize cinema, nonviolently or otherwise.”
– Shaula Clark, Boston Phoenix.

“Think David Lynch, without all the mainstream storytelling.”
– Alex Stevens, The Brookline Tab

“Transcends any categorization.”
– Harry Vaughn, The Weekly Dig

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